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Are you tired of searching for appropriate solutions to create a website for your business or charity because of the complexity of content management, it's expensive or may be a long implementation period!

Bayt Boyoot invented Easy Website that summarized thousands of customer's need.
What are you waiting for? Get your website online in 3 Steps only!

Easy editing

Easy design and content editing, no coding skills needed, it's easier than frying an Egg.


Extend and expand the functionality by plugins.

Fully responsive

Compatible with PCs, Tablets and Phones.

Touch and drag

Designed specially to boost mobile and touch screen browsing experience.

Free Support

Enjoy free support by Email.

1- Choose a Domain

2- Choose a Package

  • Aluminum
  • 73850.35 LBP / Yearly
  • Free .com or .net
  • 500 MB Storage
  • 4 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Emails
  • Copper
  • 149207.85 LBP / Yearly
  • Free .com or .net
  • 1 GB Storage
  • 8 GB Bandwidth
  • 4 Emails
  • Silver
  • 299922.85 LBP / Yearly
  • Free .com or .net
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 16 GB Bandwidth
  • 8 Emails
  • Gold
  • 601352.85 LBP / Yearly
  • Free .com or .net
  • 4 GB Storage
  • 32 GB Bandwidth
  • 12 Emails
  • Diamond
  • 1204212.85 LBP / Yearly
  • Free .com or .net
  • 8 GB Storage
  • 64 GB Bandwidth
  • 16 Emails

3- Choose a Plugins

About us

Tell the people who you are with amazing way.


Audio Gallery

Start sharing your audios with your audience.

450637.85 LBP


Start sale or rent your cars easily

752067.85 LBP


Share everything that goes on in your mind

149207.85 LBP

Books Library

Start give or sell your book with your audience.

299922.85 LBP


Let people know with who are you dealing.

73850.35 LBP


Show your experience, tell more about you or your work.

73850.35 LBP


Build your own classifieds website and start get ads.

752067.85 LBP

Contact us

Easy and powerful way to display contact information.


Contact us form

Capture more clients and get real time notifications

13564.35 LBP


Build a powerful directory ever.

752067.85 LBP


Brilliant choice for you to set up estate website

752067.85 LBP


Help you to promote your upcoming events.

450637.85 LBP


Answer frequently asked questions before they’re asked

73850.35 LBP


Hotel management system, The ideal solution for your hotel.

752067.85 LBP


List all your helpful links for your website visitors.

13564.35 LBP


Tell the people where your location is.

36171.6 LBP

Music Gallery

Start sharing your music with your audience.

450637.85 LBP


Get a professional news website and tell more.

752067.85 LBP

Painting Gallery

Let people see your fabulous photos.

752067.85 LBP

Photo Gallery

Let people see your amazing work.

149207.85 LBP

Photography Gallery

Let people see your fabulous photos.

752067.85 LBP


Show your work with elegant way.

299922.85 LBP


Resturant management system, The ideal solution for your resturant.

752067.85 LBP


A professional way to showcase your services or products.

73850.35 LBP


Turn your business online and start sell services and products.

752067.85 LBP


The easiest way to create Slide for your website.

37678.75 LBP

Social Media

Grow your audience with your social media links, and share your content.

13564.35 LBP


Travel management system, The ideal solution for your agency.

752067.85 LBP

Video Gallery

Let people see your great videos.

450637.85 LBP

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